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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pairanormal Friday, February 25, 2011

Last time we discussed Movie Curses and how they affected those around them. The question still remains can they travel outside of the film? What if you knew a car from a movie was cursed, would you still buy it? Props and more leave the sets and are sold to people regularly, could that curse be given to you and if so what could you do? 

Join us as our Special Guest, Best Selling, Award Winning, Author Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc sits down with us and talks about these curses and more.  Andrea has been an AMAZING and THRILLING guest in past shows and she returns by popular demand to help us continue this topic.

**WARNING** Pairanormal is an addicting paranormal radio show and there is a way to get MORE!  You can get FREE podcasts from I-Tunes.  Just go under Podcasts and search Pairanormal.  Find out why Pairanormal is the #1 requested show and why radio stations are asking them to air on their station.

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