Monday, July 2, 2012

July and some more changes

July and some more changes

So it is a new month and a somewhat new me.  I can feel changes happening in my body with the weight loss, the biggest being, I have more energy. It is great but my body still suffers pain in the legs and hips and I am starting to get concerned about that.  It isn't normal, is it?  At least I wouldn't think it is.

Last week, I really was bad and had some foods that I said I shouldn't, but I also went the entire week with out my thyroid medicine.  Except for Sunday, I didn't notice any changes from not taking it.  Sunday, I pushed myself to the limits and was so exhausted by 7pm that I don't know if it was the lack of medicine or just being on the go that whole time.

So, I had to dig some questions up and their answers and I thought, you know there are people who ask the same question and really would like to know.  So...

Question 1: Does eating at night make you fat?

Answer: If your overall calorie intake is appropriate for weight loss or maintenance, it may benefit you to eat something after dinner.  Late-night calories will ultimately get used the next day (and even while you sleep). To keep your energy levels up, it is better to spread your calories out during the day when your body needs fuel. Aim to eat something every two or three hours. This will stabilize blood sugar levels and help you feel full and energized all day. If you do need a late-night snack, consider keeping it to 200 calories or less.

Question 2: Does exercise make you tired?

Answer: Yes, it starts that way because I have to push myself more with my disability, but as the body gets in better shape, most people feel exercising gives them more energy than before. Regular exercise can also help fight fatigue, improve your sleep, and manage your stress.

The eating right helps a great deal too, with all that bottled up energy you find yourself being more active and doing more things.  Before you know it you have a regular routine going and a great deal of thing accomplished.

My best example is now that I am getting the energy I find it harder to stay in one place, I am moving about the house looking for things to do.  I am helping to clean the house, move things around, and even just finding a reason to get out of the house even if it is to just walk about in a store or something like that. Oh and if you go to the store and are on a budget, DO NOT take money with you.  If you don't have it on hand you are less likely tempted to spend.

I have heard it said, mind over matter, and with diets, weight-loss, finances, and so much more it is true.  If you know you have money in your pocket you are more likely to spend it, the same with food.  You have those tempting chocolate donuts sitting on the counter and each time you walk into the kitchen to get a drink you find yourself looking at them.  Your mouth waters as you reminisce on their flavor.   STOP!  If you don't see them then you are not temped, but when you see them you are tempted and we are more likely going to give into that temptation.  See, mind over matter!  We are so supperficial that if we see it, we know we can get it, then we will.  However, out of sight, out of mind! Sad but true fact!

I am just as guilty when it comes to seeing things like that.  Honestly, if I had chocolate cake donuts in front of me with a tall glass of milk I would totally consume them all. Funny part is I am not craving them, I don't really care to have them, but I would give in to temptation if they were there.

It isn't until the end of August when I stand on the scale.  If I do go down a good amount of weight I am going to be a happy camper, but should it say I didn't lose weight, I am going to lose it.  I have been trying hard and working even harder to change habits and food.  If at that point nothing changes, then I will have to seek all the doctoral help I can get.  Sad part is sometimes we have to do that.

So how are you doing so far?  Is any of this helping you?  Let me hear from you!

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Keep up the great work and don't stop. If you stop, you admit defeat and no one likes a loser.