Monday, June 18, 2012

Great feelings and One bad thing!

Let's me say, I have been feeling WAY BETTER!  It is like I am getting more energy and more stamina throughout the day.  Before I would get exhausted and want to take a nap about mid-day and then sometimes that didn't help me feel the energy to keep going. 

Last year as our house heated up I just felt blah and didn't even try to do things.  Since I have changed my eating and drinking habits I have found myself able to push more projects and do more things around the house.  I even find myself just moving up and down the hall because I have energy.  I have read in countless number of diets that when you are doing it right you will gain energy.  It is true.

I have taken as much bread and wheat products out of my diet as I can since last week.  As I said it isn't easy and one thing that makes it harder is that I have my wife who does eat them and so sometimes I get tempted.  I admit I am strong willed, but when you have a good juicy burger placed perfectly between the buns and the cheese is melting around it your mouth can't help but water and bite into such a tasty treat.  Well, I did do that and I have to say, I couldn't finish it.  A sign that my stomach is shrinking.

I didn't get to exercise since there has been a great deal of issues personally that I have had to take care of.  They have consumed the time I have to exercise and try to add that to my weight-loss plan, but I will say I have pushed myself to walk more and use the scooters a lot less.  I was able to make it around the grocery store last week without the cart, but my legs did tell me about it later.  They were sore but not like all the other times, this time it was less and lasted less time as well.

So what's the difference in workouts?  First, if you push yourself to hurt, that is never a good thing.  You can actually injure your muscles and cause maybe even worse problems down the line.  Also, if you push to build muscle fast you will find a good side effect that will discourage you, weight gain.  Some people strictly workout to lose the weight and if you go building muscles you end up gaining weight, because muscles weigh more than fat. 

So an envigerating workout is one that you do more reps with less weight.  This will help the muscles burn the fat around them and not be so painful on you down the line.  Don't get me wrong you do feel a burn, but that one is a good burn.  You are actually TONING your muscles instead of building them.  I am 6'2" so building more muscles now would make me weigh more as well as bulk up and I really want to tone down on the fat.  If after I decide to build muscle mass I can, but the biggest focus is weight loss.

With being told I am borderline diabetic, I need to make sure the right weight comes off.  That is goal and key for what I am focusing on.  To be honest, I can tell it is happening.  Not only do I have the engery, but I also can tell in my clothing, and feel on my body.  They all add up to encouragement and a reason I want to press on.  That is what helps you the most.  Now, it could be shattered, I could step on a scale and it tells me different and that will ruin things.  See why I say DO NOT always run to the scale?  Keep going, a bigger drop would make me happier than a few pounds in a few weeks.  20 to 30 in 2 or 3 months would rock!

So, what is the one bad thing?  Today, I discovered I am passing a kidney stone. Why?  Well, there is still a really large stone in my kidney.  They attacked it once and it is jagged and capable of dropping pieces, which in turn cause the pain and other bad feelings.  I will get through this, but it could put a damper on things in the next day or two.  Specially since tomorrow is my wedding anniversary.

How are things going for you?  I would like to know if this is helping anyone or encouraging them, please let me know.

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