Wednesday, June 13, 2012

New Week New Changes

I know it isn't Monday and I am past the time I should have posted, but there is a reason for that.  I knew when payday was and that I would be doing a NEW shopping list compared to before.  That's right, I am still working on changes to move the weight off me and to get some healthier results.

As I said before, I refuse to step on the scale until August.  The main reason for that is the scale can bring your hopes of seeing your goals down.  There are times of the day that we actually weigh more and there are times that we actually weigh less.  Think about it, you eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, until that food is digested where is it and what is it doing? Sitting there and causing some looks of weight gain, but is it really?  No, because it is doing it's part on your body and making a difference over...wait for it...TIME!  It is NEVER and over night success and if you find something like that you better be careful because the results can hurt.  What do I mean?

Most quick weight losses are temporary.  You still eat the same, you still do the same routine, and your body says, OK, I don't need to worry and puts those quick pounds loss, right back where they came from.   So, sure you can do it for a day at the beach or to look good for that event, but your best hope is to NOT go back to what your normal routine was or you put all that weight back on.  According to some studies that I have read, most who get that weight back, get it even more.  So you could end up putting on MORE pounds than you lost.  Thus the warning of being careful.

For my grocery list, I focused on meats and veggies.  Notice something missing there?  Bread!  I didn't even buy a single loaf this time.  As I was saying you really can't just cut everything out cold turkey...Mmmm, Turkey.  Oh, sorry, but really you can't just cut it out.  Do things in moderation. I figure it has been a few weeks and it is time to see if I can actually get past all that.  I have moved it down to a point that I can't actually recall the last bread I ate.  Thinking like that made me realize, maybe it is that time to take it out.

You may wonder how am I feeling with this diet or eating change?  To be honest, I have been feeling more energized and happier.  Missing quite a few days of my medicine was a bad thing, especially since I don't have a thyroid anymore.  Even after that, I still felt good.  Some clothes that were snug are looser and I don't hurt as much in my legs as I had been.  Both signs of changes that could be ruined if I stood on a scale, the main reason I won't do it. A great deal of our feelings, such as the energy levels, and aches and pains actually help us with the eating changes we make.  When we feel positive results, we realize that this has to be good for us and we continue to press forward.  Would you want to do a diet that causes severe headaches, bodily aches, or even make you ill due to the fact that you cut something out of your body because it is bad for you?  Is that actually a positive sign of change?  In my opinion? NO!  It is not encouraging at all.  You fed yourself these items for a great deal of time and so you have to step down and ease off of it.  Just like a smoker, the patch or the gum helps cut the cravings, but they still smoke only not as much as they did before and they feel better as the heavy amount of toxins exit their body over time.

I know there is some doctor reading this saying I am wrong, but then again, am I?  I am seeing results physically and feeling better.  A great amount of our food binging comes from emotions and if we feel better we tend to stick with that.  So, if the actions cause a positive reaction, is it wrong?  Also, remember this, not everyone is exactly the same.  What might work for one person, might not work for another, what might be helpful to another, might not be helpful to you, it is all in learning.  Learning what works for YOU is what matters the most.  If you are feeling better and you notice changes that are positive, keep going with them.  Keep regular appointments with your doctor to make sure you health is up to par and that you are not hurting yourself.  I stress that, because people who remove RED MEAT from their diets actually lose an important vitamin in their body and sometimes pills DO NOT replace it.  Iron!  That is why it is important to keep regular check ups and make sure you are doing just fine.

What's next?  Let's see how a week without bread entirely affects me.  Would it be positive or negative?  Will it help with the weight loss or will there be no change at all?  And will I keep getting energy and be able to make the next step and start something I have not been able to do for a while?  Exercise!  That's right, I have been without it due to my illness, so the positive changes I have been getting are encouraging me to make an attempt at another change.  When I was healthy and could exercise, I felt great and had more energy than you can believe.  Sure, I know that it was before the tumors and all the health scares, but it tells me that if it worked then and all the people I know that do get some form of exercise in feel better, then there has to be something hidden in it.

Tell you what!  I will discuss exercise some next time and what the difference is between a painful work out and an invigorating workout.  Is there a difference? 

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