Monday, June 4, 2012

New Changes Second Step!

So here we go, a week has passed and what things are happening with the changes I have had to implement? 

First, eating without white bread, flour tortillas (and may I know that is hard in Texas), cut back on potatoes, and no sugars, like donuts oh the agony! You would think this is pure torture, you would think this is purely impossible, but the truth be told it is really a mind over matter thing.  I know you thought is "Yeah right."  However, it really is.  We get so used to thinking these things are important to us and we crave them so much it kills us with cravings, but when you realize these things actually could be killing you later you stop and rethink. 

Flour, sugar, and starches actually build up in your system as sugar and stay there, they can't be worked off like you think unless you have an exceptionally high metabolism, I on that case don't.  So, it sits there.  According to doctors when we think of the calories and decide we are going to work out to burn them off the math doesn't work like we think.  In fact, if you really do the math and try to match the amount of time you would have to work out for removing the ONE meal of calories you are actually hurting your body by working out too much.

So, how do you win against that?  Well, I, not being an expert, am learning one step at a time.  Last post I told you the first step is to accept yourself the way you are.  This step is putting your foot down and taking action.  Reading about certain foods, diets, and so forth helps a great deal but it really isn't enough.  There are diets that are bad for you, there are foods that are bad for you, and there are exercises that are bad for you, but there is always hope.  Sure you ask how is there hope with you saying that?  Well, truth be told we have to realize that we are not all the same.  For example, did you know I am allergic to red dye?  That's right, who would have known?  Are you?  Probably not, but some people are allergic to other things and thus it hurts them.  So you have to know you first and then know what you are capable of doing.

Let's start with foods.  This is my first week with 6 days of NO flour products, like white bread, flour tortillas, sweet breads, and I also cut out as much as I could potatoes and pastas.  I actually had people telling me what can you eat after that?  Well, there is a great deal of foods out there that I could still eat and I began to learn some things as the week progressed.

Have you ever read in a diet that you have to eat until you are full and then you won't be hungry until the next meal?  When we pig out on fast food like that we do get full but hours later we are hungry again.  It is that flour in the meal that stuffs us and then has us craving food again later, something I call the Chinese Buffet syndrome.  Now, if you eat a proper meal until you are full, you don't crave or get hungry until the next meal time, I actually found myself not being hungry then either, but I did eat even if it was a small amount.  That tied me over as it should.

Here's how that works.  One day I had a Grilled Chicken Salad, it included the following: lettuce, tomatoes, carrots, flame grilled chicken, bell pepper, avocado, and a small amount of cheese.  I did not add dressing, but I did add a home-made salsa, careful with salsas.  If you get a store bought salsa it is filled with sugar, but if you go to your local Mexican restaurant you can get a natural salsa that contains nothing but veggies.  That was the meal I ate for lunch.  I felt stuffed and kinda felt guilty at first, but then I remembered there are good foods to stuff yourself with and when dinner came around 6 hours later I was still feeling full.  Good foods and good fats help do that.

I had someone ask me what is your breakfast like?  Well, breakfast actually was the easiest meal to figure out.  I took a combination of 2 diets to figure out what was right and seem to have nailed it right on the money.  I have eggs, bacon, re-fried beans, coffee, and corn tortilla.  Did you just freak on one of the items or two?  Well, let's start with Bacon.  Do you recall in the last paragraph I mentioned good fats?  That's right our bodies need those things.  I said I mixed two diets together to figure this out.  Doctors have heart patients do a special diet to drop so much weight before they do an open heart surgery, did you know that diet consists of BACON?  It is true.  The bacon fat actually tells our bodies what fat needs to be burnt off and thus that is a good fat.  Now the eggs are actually good for us as is the beans.  Since I cut out the flour tortillas I was able to switch to corn tortillas.  Some might say that is still bad, but honestly it is impossible to just cut everything COLD TURKEY and it can be bad for you to do so, also.

What has the results been for this week so far?  Well, I won't stand on a scale until August and that is because the scale can discourage you so put it away don't look at it and don't think of it. I will say though I have felt better, I feel like I can see some weight loss, but for me the most important is that I feel better. 

Oh, just in case you missed it in the beginning or did see it and wondered, yes I said 6 days.  I took one day and in a moderation ate a burger and fries.  Not good for me, but as I said, it is impossible to just cut things out cold turkey.  To be honest, I didn't feel guilty either, in fact I didn't feel any physical changes as I did before all this.  This means my body is accepting the food changes and liking it.  So at this point I will continue to push, eat right, and see what happens. 

Do you have questions on things?  Let's work it out together, ask away and I will answer you.

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