Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Changes and New Strikes!

I have heard it said many times that this Earth finds us a destructive force and sometimes it takes our lives, whether it is from natural causes, natural disasters, or from the foods we eat one way or another is seems to have a hand in our demise.  Sounds Science Fiction doesn't it.  What if you found out that it might not be?

Science has told us over the years that as man populates this Earth he removes vital things in keeping it a thriving source of our survival.  "What do you mean?" You ask.  Look at a city, the buildings go up but what gets removed?  Trees, grass, plants the very things that help give us oxygen, the very things that help keep this world cool with shade and other sources.  What is happening out there?  Have you noticed that each year we get hotter and hotter? 

Now, I do believe in God and I do also believe when science mentions a past, such as the dinosaurs, we should be listening.  A population of creatures that became over whelming to this planet and it some how finds a way to wipe the slate clean and start over.  Look at the Bible how it talks of the flood and the earth starts over again.  Are this things just a coincident?  I don't think so and the Bible talks of it happening again, but this time in a FIRE.  What is this earth doing, but heating up?

Ok, so what does that have to do with my health?  Well, let's just day I am learning each day.  First, I got rid of the salt and the changes in food flavors has really changed.  I learned to appreciate their flavors, their natural goodness and yet, I get struck with a new blow.  One that makes me wonder how bad this earth really wants us to change, how much we have been ruining it along with ourselves.

My most recent visit to the doctor reveled that I am borderline diabetic.  Now, to be honest I have heard many people say they have been told this, but something in the talks with my doctor has opened my eyes to a change I must do and then much more.  I will explain.

Many of the foods we eat are not healthy for us, sure you knew that, but did you know some of the foods we can only afford are what is making us FAT?  Did you know that you are told it is health but in reality it is causing something to happen that we can understand, we can't grasp, and we can't fight?  Well, the last part is wrong.  My doctor was telling me some of the foods we eat actually build up a sugar level in our bodies and no matter how hard we work out we just can't fight it.  It stores in our bodies and begins the bulge we so strongly wish to defeat.  Ok, another sci-fi movie pun, but it really is true!

I again will be fighting to save my health and prevent a disease that is plaguing our country as well as our loved ones and we didn't know it was preventable this whole time.  Obesity has brought on this diabetic plague and has claimed body parts, illnesses, much more and in some cases death.  Why?  The answer lies in your refrigerator.  FOOD!

Now, let me just say I am no expert, but I am human and I will do like many...LEARN!  Learn to fight, learn to stand strong, and learn to defeat it before allowing it to get the best of me.  How?  Well, let's just say the old saying..."ONE DAY AT A TIME!"

Are you ready to journey with me?  One thing after another has struck me down but I refuse to lay down and take it.  Support of my fantastic wife, friends, fans, and family have kept me pushing harder and harder to beat each challenge I have been given.  So, let's fight this one too and together get healthier and stronger and hey, who knows, maybe even happier with ourselves.

First step, accept yourself for the way you are!  Remember you are your own worst critique and the only way you will be happy is when you are happy with yourself.  I admit it isn't easy looking in a mirror and saying I look like Jabba the Hut and I am happy with that.  (No I don't look that way, but I am using that as an example cause I say that about myself alot.)  So, what you have to do is look in the mirror and say, "Ok, I look this way now, I might have these problems now, but I AM going to get them under control and take back my life as I want it to be."  If you are happy with things now, then why change?  A great deal of people are NOT happy with themselves now and look for the answers out there and how to fight against them. 

Together we can.  People supporting each other, people encouraging each other, and people putting their foot down saying I AM going to change.  No, this is no 12 step program, this is grasping life by the hands and saying you WILL make a change.  Once you have done that, we can start with the next thing, talking about our foods.

Let me just say, if you have NOT like a Facebook page I started called Just Weight, you should.  I will post tips there.  I will post things that will help, but I will also try and I mean try my hardest to keep this blog going to encourage you (the reader) as long as you do me one favor.  If I miss posting, message me and tell me!  Together we can do this, we can lose weight, we can gain strength, and we can take our lives back! 

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