Thursday, August 29, 2013

Attempting to keep up. Part 1

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since I have written and I am sorry.  My schedule from running the radio station to helping with other projects has made it difficult to write or sometimes think.  However, I wanted to do what I can to start again and maybe be more regular with this.  I am going to try and have positive things as well as the one thing everyone has constantly asked me about and that is my health.  I am not going to do a recap, it would just be easier to have you run back through the few posts and see all that. 
Health issues currently.  First, since they have removed the tumors and my thyroid I have to say I did get the feeling back in my legs, however they are very week, I still can’t walk long distances and now that I have feeling, I have more pain than before.  Mostly in the joints and why you ask?  Well that is coming up.  Still on the positive, I have lost weight.  Not a great deal of weight, but I have lost.

So WHY are the joints hurting?  According to my most recent doctor’s visit they are saying all these current health issues are due to weight.  Now, can we pause a moment and look at this?  If you remember that thyroid issues cause weight gain, and currently they are still trying to balance the medicine out.  That being said, how do you deal with weight issues if they haven’t balanced the medicine just right?  You can see in the medical journals it says if your certain thyroid levels are too high or too low then you gain weight.

What makes me laugh and think these doctors to be a big joke is both my kidney doctor and my main doctor are in the same system as my thyroid doctor and they can read each other’s notes, but both the kidney and main doctor tell me it all revolves around my weight.   Do you see what I mean?  Big joke right?
I had a scare and still do because there is a black spot one of my toe nails.  A friend of mine is in the medical field and he said that looks like the sign of poor circulation.  My regular doctor said, no it is just something that happens with old age and if you don’t like the look of it, just pain the toe nail.  (Insert bad word here.)
Well, that is just a portion of what is happening.  I will fill you in more on the next blog, that I do plan to put out soon.  On to more things…

TMV Café!  Oh my are we rocking it or what?  If you haven’t been paying attention to the station then you have to check it out.  We did a couple of music events so far and have more in the works.  We practically have a full weekly schedule as far as evening and weekend shows.  Heard about another award nomination, but haven’t pursued it due to my schedule.

I have been helping companies and giving them advice on how to increase their sales.  I have considered starting a consulting business for that.  I have a proven track record and really would like to help others out as well, but somewhere in there I have to follow the advice of others and get a little something back too.  Do you agree?

I am designing menus, websites, and other projects for people too.  Not to mention somewhere in there I need to turn around and get shows turned into MP3s and uploaded to their proper locations.  I sadly have to say I have slacked off there some because I am wearing myself out with all this work, but I will say I put the best quality into all I do.

What is next?  Well, I think I am going to take it one day at a time.  I am starting to practice breathing exercises so I can focus, stay calm, and keep a clear mind.  It isn’t anything bad, it is just 5 minutes of the day and it really does help. I suggest it if you haven’t ever tried it.

Keep an eye out because I am going to post again soon on the next part of what the doctors have told me to do and I have a feeling some of you are going to give me some interesting responses.  Also, I am going to attempt a NEW project for a cooking segment that I will post on Youtube and also on the TMV Café website.  So keep your eyes open for that too. 

Comment here and let me know what you think or if you have questions, I would be happy to answer them.  Let me hear from you.  Until then…Visit my FREE website too at, I have a spot on there the blogs show up too.  I will add a comment box soon and the services that I discussed earlier.  If you guys have suggestions to pricing or services I can offer, let me know.  I want to hear from you! 

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