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Monday, February 27, 2012

Personal Blog Journey Day 2

Day 2:

Already from the time I woke up to now I could tell today is going to be one of those sluggish days.  I push myself to get things done because I know they have too, but if I really did as my body feels I would still be in bed.  I am sure the slow rain outside doesn't help any with the gloomy, coolness it is giving off.  It is a lazy day, however, I am pushing to move around and get through the day.

My wife made fajitas today and as the taste buds are waking up I could so taste the onion and bell pepper she added to them.  It was again a party in my mouth telling me what I have been missing with the salt.  I do warn who ever decides to try and cut the salt out of their life, keep bananas handy or you will suffer some nasty cramps. 

Funny thing with this sluggish feeling I have, ideas are coming to my mind.  More of a lazy man product, you know those products, the grabber to reach across for an item or even a remote so we don't get up to change the channel.  Heck I remember asking my father why don't we get the TV with a remote.  He said "Why you are my remote, now go change the channel."

Ideas are a good thing, at least they keep me thinking and planning what to do when I get those spurts of energy and move forward.  Today, well, I am reserving my energy some to make sure the shows go off tonight without fail.  Let's see what tomorrow brings, I hope enough to be productive on some major projects.

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