Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Personal Blog Journey Day 3

Day 3:

I woke up feeling more energetic today and ready to face the world.  The funny thing was I fell back to sleep two hours later.  However, I think my body is finally adjusting to all the meds and I am getting more energy.  I know it isn't all that I should have but it is enough to start doing things.  Big plan with this is, weather permitting, I will try to get out and cut the yard some.  I know I will look funny doing it with a cane, but at least it will get cut.  It's a jungle out there.

I ate spinach today and with no salt... I think I remember why I gagged on it as a kid.  To tell the truth the best thing you can add to it is vinegar.  Oh the flavor is divine!  If you haven't tried it you should.  When you get the right amount of vinegar on it you will know, too much oh you will know.

I did cheat and grabbed a soda, but it is just one.  Felt a touch of a headache coming on so I thought I would try the soda and see if that was the cause.  I have also noticed I am getting hungrier than normal.  I mean I really don't eat that much, but lately I feel like I could devour a whole buffet and not be satisfied.  It is almost like I am gaining a new appetite for food.  My fear is I would give in and ruin the chances of losing weight.  Any Ideas?

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